Welcome Cold Weather

How would you love to look out your window and see this? I feel as if winter is making its entrance. I love cold weather. I love the smell it leaves in the air and wearing sweaters and big coats. Its such a beautiful time of year. Granted, I say all of this and we all know that by January I will be ready for warm weather. Right now though, I am enjoying it.

Take that Eportfolio

So a few weeks ago I was completely stressed out about completing my education portfolio. I had to turn in 9 different projects to be assessed by multiple professors who would either tell me I rocked or I totally sucked. I got back my results and of course I was ripped to shreds on one of my projects. The guy grading me wrote a huge 2 paragraphs long critique. I was so upset. I didn't understand how I had screwed it up so bad. Flash forward to last Tuesday. I go to class and EVERYONE is complaining that they didn't pass this same project. We started to compare critiques and the professor gave us the exact same critique! No change at all! So of course we all sent e-mails to our teachers in a hope that we could get reassessed. They decided to do that exactly, and after being reassesed, I PASSED! Now I am completely eligible to complete my full internship, so I am so pumped!

Back to Blogging

So some of my lovely friends (Kendra and Jenny) have decided to begin blogs, and I thought it was such a great idea. Hopefully I will remember to write here and keep everyone up to date on what is going on in my life. Well... thats all for now.
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