So I am absolutely in love with Glee. It literally warms my heart. Here are some videos :)


Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Two of the most wonderful people I know got married on Saturday! James and Ashley Myers :) I love the sound of that :)

She was probably the most calm bride I have ever seen! Also, absolutely beautiful!
Waiting for the wedding after pictures. It was a blessing for us all that the wedding party was made up of a ton of very close friends.

Here we are singing "All My Life" by Kacee and JoJo to the bride and groom. It was actually a really sweet moment.

Wrapping up the night with everyone at McNellie's. Jesse and I gave our toasts here as well. I am so happy it happened that way because it felt so much more special to do it around just a group of friends. Definitely the perfect ending to a wonderful day!
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