Moving On

 So I have had a really difficult week and sometimes it just helps to type.  I think the stress of the last month has just really started to hit me, and I didn't really know how to handle it.  I found myself crying at the most ridiculous things (songs on the radio should not make someone cry!), getting my feelings hurt over things I will never be able to change, and getting angry over things that I don't even understand why I let it affect me.  I realize that there are things I have to let go that I have been holding on to, and that it is time to focus on the things that matter now, not the things that once did.  I have so much good in my life right now.  I have a quirky and wonderful family that always keeps me on my toes and supports me, a dad that is getting better everyday (even if we do have set backs that are scary), a boyfriend that despite all my flaws and undeniable weirdness loves me, and friends that I know will always be there, rain or shine.  I just have entirely too much good to focus on the bad.  So I'm waking up tomorrow with a new outlook.  I'm going to be the best person, daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, etc. that I can possibly be, and know that even when things are hard or something hurts or I feel like I am going to pull my hair out from the stress that is overtaking me, I did everything I could to stay true to myself and those I love.  That's all a person really can do I guess. 

On a lighter note, I cried for good reason last night.  Anyone that loves The Office as much as I do and witnessed last night's amazing event, you will know why.  I'm including a video for those that missed or want to relive it.  Even if you aren't an Office fan, this was beautiful. I can't even imagine how the show will go on without Michael Scott.  Enjoy!

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