The Things Kids Say

I have this funny little story I wanted to share with you all.

So Ethan, Sara, Katie and I went to the zoo yesterday and Ethan promised them that if they played along and answered animal questions he would take them out to lunch. They did (at least Sara did), so we went to Cheddars afterwards. We are sitting there eating and Sara is without a doubt the messiest eater I have EVER seen. She is holding this giant sandwich with ketchup and lettuce dangling from it, analyzing it, and suddenly she says "Jellyfish" before taking a huge bite out of it. It was awesome. It wasn't even like she was saying it to be funny. We all cracked up. Stories like these are why I love kids. They just make me smile :)


Sweet Summertime

Well, after a request from Phil, I decided it was time to update my blog a little. It definitely has been a long time.

This summer I am babysitting two girls I met during my internship class. They are 9 and 11 and pretty wonderful girls. Sara is a comedian all the time and she makes me laugh pretty much the whole day. Katie is a bit more serious, but she is so smart and witty. As most sisters do, they fight about little stuff frequently, but it is just getting me ready for when I have my own classroom and my students fight. Or of course when I have my own kids. Watching them has been pretty great. We do a lot too. We go see movies, paint pottery at Purple Glaze, swim at the pool or Big Splash, bowl... just lots of stuff. They love crafts too, so frequently we end up making picture frames, necklaces, whatever they think of at the time. Its a great summer job and has allowed me to have A LOT more free time than I had before.

The other big thing this summer has been attempting to find a teaching job. I never realized how hard it was going to be. I have applied many places, and plan to apply to many more, so hopefully I will find something. Its just so stressful at the moment. I desperately want to teach next year, and I am getting scared that I wont have a classroom. I have decided that if I don't get a job before school starts, then I will probably try to substitute and get my foot in the door at a few school districts. Everyone is predicting that there will be a massive need for teachers in the next couple of years, so maybe even if it doesn't happen for me this year I can get something next year.

This weekend is 4th of July and I absolutely cannot wait! I love this holiday. Thursday Ethan's mom is having her annual party, so we fully plan to go over there to watch the Owasso Fireworks and eat lots of food. Then Friday, no work for me :) which is great. 3 day weekends are fabulous. Saturday we plan to go to Jesse's for some firework shooting, BBQ eating fun :) Can't wait for that as well. Then Sunday is Adam and Kirstie's engagement party, so really it is just a jampacked weekend.

Other than everything I have talked about, I do have some family stuff going on. Its not anything I wish to put out on the world wide web, but if people read this please keep my family in your prayers.
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