Rollercoaster of a Day

So today was a super long day. It started when I went to school to work on my room. It is definitely coming together, but still have a lot of work. The new teachers had a meeting and lunch with the principals and lead teachers so that was fun. Nice to get to meet new people and to learn more about the schools.

Around 3, my mom called to let me know that my dad's stress test wasn't good, so they ended up having to do surgery. Pretty much the most horrible thing ever. I didn't get up to the hospital until they had already taken him back. The doctor told us he would call us in 20 minutes when he knew more... well 50 minutes later he finally called. Everything went really well. They blew out the blockage and checked on his stints which are doing really well. He even got to go home tonight. I'm just so grateful for a wonderful god.

Tonight was Val's wedding. She was an incredibly beautiful bride. She moves to New York tomorrow, and we will all miss her. I am so happy for her though. I really think she found the perfect person for her.
Well... my dad had a heart attack back in May. His LAD, also known as the widow maker, was clogged and he almost didn't make it. Thank god he is so incredibly stubborn and refused to let it get him. They put in 2 stints and was in the hospital for 4 days. It was probably the scariest 4 days of my entire life. Well, he had some chest pains this morning and is going to be in the hospital over night. They have run some tests (EKG, blood tests, etc). Tomorrow he has a stress test and as long as that comes out ok, they will let him go home. If it comes out not so good, they may have to go back in and take a look at his stints.

Basically, I am writing this just to get as many prayers as possible. If you find time tonight or tomorrow to say a prayer, please do :)
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