Inspiration in the WWW

After choosing our wedding date, it was time to figure out what type of wedding we were both wanting.  I love summer weddings!  There is so much room to play with color and really create something that has a lot of energy. There are some beautiful summer color combinations, too.  

Red and Aqua

Yellow and Gray
Pink and Orange
or my personal favorite (other than the look we have decided to go with), light pink mixed with some creams 
All of these color combinations are so beautiful, but none of them were us.  None of them screamed our wedding like I wanted them too.  After researching colors and exploring many websites, I realized I had even researched my favorite color yet.  Why on earth had it not occured to me to make it our main color?  Couldn't I use a color I already loved as a base, and then add other secondary colors to that to make it richer and more colorful?  Of course I could.  So I then started collecting some pictures using my favorite color.....

Purple! I found so many beautiful pictures, and I loved them all! 
Once purple became a clear choice for our main color, I started looking for other colors to pair with it.  I was drawn to creams, greens, light pink and maybe a pop of bright pink.  My iphoto became filled with pictures like these....

So there you have it.  The start of our decor inspiration.  It has evolved some, but this gives you an idea of what we are thinking about.  We are still so far out, I am sure it will change again, but I'm pretty sure purple is our color!  Now here's hoping I can turn this purple idea in my head into a beautiful and classy reality. 

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