New York State of Mind

Sam and I are planning a trip to New York this summer! I absolutely cannot wait! I mean I get to spend time in the city I love more than anything with my best friend. What could be better? I am so excited that I am already looking into how much plane tickets will cost and all of that. I will be honest and say she is probably going to have to drag me onto the plane home. I know I wont want to leave!

Need A Little Cheering Up

Since all of you that read this are my good friends, you probably know that I have been incredibly down in the dumps lately. I have had a seriously life change that I do not wish to post for all of the internet world to read about, but it has left me sad, confused, sleepy and more than a little depressed. I am incredibly blessed to have some amazing friends that continually call, text or drive all the way from Arkansas to cheer me up. Sometimes though, I do not have people around me to cheer me up. This is when I consult my 2 favorite websites.
www.textsfromlastnight.com and www.fmylife.com. Everytime I read these I absolutely crack up. I cant help it. So my advice to those in sad or upset moods, these really will make you laugh. They are not always very tasteful and sometimes I cringe, but the good ones are worth the reading. I will leave you with my favorite fml post:

"Today, I woke up and looked in the mirror and noticed that my face was covered in glitter. I asked my wife about it and she said she put it on me while I was sleeping so that I would sparkle like Edward from Twilight when I'm in the sunlight. FML"


I haven't been sleeping very well. For the last week, I've only been sleeping a couple of hours before waking up. Then it takes me anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to fall back asleep again. I have been having bad/strange dreams, and my sleep has been so incredibly restless. I am truly praying for a little relief this week. I can feel myself fading and I can see the stress in my eyes. This week has already been so horrible, and to add in not sleeping is just not ok. Please pray that sleep finds me again.

Mood Matching Weather

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a horrible mood, the weather likes to match it and just make you feel that much worse? Thank goodness even though it was freezing, it was sunny today or I might have been even more depressed.
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