Awesome Moment in Life #3

Awesome moment in life #3: the moment when your boyfriend realizes you got him tickets to the sold out concert he desperately wants to go to.

So Mike loves the Black Keys and they are coming to Cains on October 10th. He was super bummed out last month when he went to buy tickets and they were already sold out. So of course, I made it my mission to find a pair of tickets to give him for his birthday. I will be honest though and say that there was some selfishness behind this hunt. I have grown a mild obsession for the Black Keys and was really sad myself to think I wouldn't get to see them live. This is one of the few noncountry bands I know and really like enough to see in concert. Anyway, thanks to Craigslist and an awesome Fiji alum, I scored two tickets. As you all know, I am a terrible secret keeper when it comes to surprises so I decided to give them to him early (2 weeks before his birthday) to save myself from ruining the surprise and to make sure he didn't keep stalking craigslist himself to buy them. I wrapped them up in a tshirt, wrapped the tshirt rather nicely in a box and gave it to him today. His face when the tickets fell out definitely made it worth it. Now here's hoping that I can add the concert as an awesome moment in life on October 10.

Little update on my life: My mom is doing great. She finally got cleared to ride in the car for more than just trips to the doctor. She is still hurting and she can't do anything around the house yet (no cooking, cleaning or lifting anything), so I still help out whenever I can and go over to spend time with her and my dad. I started grad school last week and that is going really well. I have great professors and I am looking forward to learning a lot. I am gradually dealing with not having a real job, but am looking forward to substituting at several different districts. I now have 2 roommates, and they are both incredibly busy with medical school type things (Holly's in OT school at OU and Danielle is in medical school at OSU). They are so fun though and I'm really excited about the rest of the year living with them. Other than that, theres not a lot going on here. Looking forward to a time when people are all around again and I can catch up with everyone.

I'll leave you with a cute little video from the Black Keys. I love the song (even though its not my favorite by them).

Awesome Moments in Life #1 and #2

So my friend Casey's facebook status the other day was about how she has a friend who posts awesome moments in his life as a status. He is up to like 23 or so I think. She has now started to do this too and I just thought it was such a great idea. And of course, what better place to post awesome moments in my life than on my blog that I sadly do not write on enough. So here you go:

Awesome Moment in Life #1: The moment when your nephew offers his crying little sister his ice cream because hers is gone and she is sad.

Awesome Moment in Life #2: The moment when your niece is riding a carousel for the first time and keeps laughing and telling you "Its so funny Aunt Ticole! Its so funny!"

Now a little background on these two awesome moments. A couple of weeks ago it was my brothers weekend to have the rugrats and since I hadn't seen them in over a month, I decided we should take them to get ice cream. So Mike and I went to pick them up at my brother's apartment and took them to the mall for ice cream and the Disney store. Sadly, I was unaware when this arrangement was made that my little niece, Kylee, (she's 2) had not had a nap and was in an awful mood. At the mall, they were both so tired Mike and I each had to pick one up and carry them to TCBY. We sat at a little table with our ice cream and of course my massive eater, Kylee, finished her ice cream in lightening speed. As soon as I told her it was all gone you would have thought the world had ended. She started bawling. Being the sweet and absolutely wonderful big brother Dylan (he's 3) is, he tried to give her his ice cream to make her feel better. I was so proud of him for sharing.

After our ice cream melt down, I thought the carousel would be a fun way to end the mall trip. Neither of them had ever been on one as far as I know and they loved it. They laughed the entire time and it made me appreciate how such small things make kids so happy.

We ended our mall adventure with a trip to the Disney store and two precious bean bag stuffed animals, one of which I literally could not pry out of the hands of my niece in order to pay for it. We had to put her on the counter so that they lady could scan the tag, which she still couldn't get to so Mike finally just tore it off and handed it to her.
Thought this was super cute!

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