Snowmageddon Has Begun! (Caution... Picture Heavy Post)

We have officially entered into a blizzard warning here in good ol' Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Schools have been closed, people have visited the grocery store to stock up on everything from toilet paper to milk (which was completely out when I made my store trip), and everyone is holed up in their houses trying to stay warm and looking forward to a day of playing in the snow tomorrow. Granted, not a single snow flurry has fallen so far but details, details.   I personally am cozied up on my wonderful boyfriend's couch for the duration of this blizzard.  We got a ton of food to keep us snacking and set on meals for at least 3 days, even though I highly doubt school with be closed that long.  I think he may even get to stay home with me and play in the snow, which makes me completely giddy! 

Well I promised that I would update with pictures soon, and soon did not come very quickly.   Some of these go all the way back to October, but I didn't have them on my computer at the time of my last update so here they are :)

Sam's 21st Birthday!
Black Keys at Cain's

Mike and I at the Black Key's concert.  Probably the best concert I've ever been to. 

Oktoberfest 2010

Tiffany and I at OSU Homecoming Walkarounds

Walking to the next house... Possibly the only picture we took that night.

Amanda, Holly, Heidi and I at The Copper Penny in Stillwater after the homecoming game

Waiting on the train at Hallowzooeen with Zoe (5), Dylan (3) and Kylee (2).

Our only group picture on the train

Kylee and "Uncle Mike" talking on the way to the zoo.  And yes she calls him Uncle Mike and no we have no idea where she got that. 

Blurry picture at Rhema

Holly, Tiffany and I at Jacob's 1920's themed 30th Birthday

The man is handsome all dressed up

Mike's work Christmas party.  We took very few pictures that night, which makes me sad. 

2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Sam and I all dolled up in our ugly sweaters

At Sam's going away party, with Kendra peaking in the background. 

Me, Jenny and Ryan a dressed up in purple


Alamo Bowl 2010!  OSU won!  Yeah!

Hello 2011!  Can't wait to see what you have to offer!

Well... I hope you all have enjoyed my little photo update!  I also hope that if you are snowed in like I am, you are having a great time and staying warm!  Love you all!
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