Tires and Puke

So here is my Wednesday:

*Woke up at 7:25 and had to be at school by 8!
*Turning into the neighborhood I had to swerve to miss a horrible driver and hit a HUGE pothole.
*Flat back right tire!
*New Tire costs $250 to replace.
*My kids took stuff from my desk and had to give a super long speech about taking things that do not belong to you.
*on the way back from specials, a little girl threw up all in the hall and got it all over the bottom of my pants.
*Cried from stress related issues.

Here's hoping that Thursday is better than Wednesday


Sam said...

when it rains... it stinking pours.

i'm really sorry friend. tomorrow (thursday) will be much better. it has to be. i'm sorry about all the misfortunes today.

we will take it all out at the book store saturday.
love you, hang in there!

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