The Joy of Weekends

I love teaching with all of my heart, but sometimes it is a stressful/tiring job. I go home some evenings and feel like I have absolutely no energy to do anything. It makes me a bit of a bum sometimes. Hence the reason I appreciate weekends so much now. Before weekends were not a big deal because I had random days throughout the week off too. Weekends were a bonus. Now, weekends are my relaxing time. They are when I sit in my PJ's (blue, flannel, polka dot ones) and watch sappy television, or play on facebook, or just sleep as much as I possibly can. It is the weekends when I feel like I have time for me and to just unwind. Don't get me wrong. The days I spend with my kids everyday in class are so rewarding and I love it, but everyone needs time to themselves, and I have come to love/need my weekends as a way to stay complete.

This weekend was wonderful. Friday, I went to So You Think You Can Dance with another teacher from my school, Brittany. It was a blast. We were only 5 rows back and it was exciting! Saturday, I slept and watched tv all day. Ethan and I went over to his dad's house for trick-or-treaters. Some absolutely precious costumes. Afterward, I went over to hang out with Jenny. So wonderful to sit and talk with my friend. I need those times sometimes to just unwind. Sometimes I think I take for granted some of my girl friends. It is during my most stressed or my weakest moments that they are there to pull me up, and I hope that I am there for them too when they need it. Jenny and I talked about how we have hit this point in our lives where we just don't always have time to talk to people. We are just busy. We are blessed though with those moments when you do receive that text from a friend just to let you know they are thinking about you, and when we have time to send those texts to other friends. It is those little things that let me know that we are all still there even if we don't have time to really talk a lot.

Sunday was spent shopping at the mall and just lounging again. Overall, it was the way I like to spend Sundays. Relaxing and calming.

I am definitely looking forward to next weekend. I will be making my first trek to Fayetteville to visit the lovely Samantha Lorton. It should be a good time. Just going to do girly things like shop and get massages.

Time for me to get some sleep. Another week begins tomorrow. Here is a lovely video of the Season 5 So You Think You Can Dance cast on Ellen! Enjoy


Jenny said...

I enjoyed your company, friend :) also, I'm glad you don't hold it against me that I'm so nonexistant sometimes bc of school.

well...really I'm just thankful for you! Hope you have a good week.

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