I haven't been sleeping very well. For the last week, I've only been sleeping a couple of hours before waking up. Then it takes me anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to fall back asleep again. I have been having bad/strange dreams, and my sleep has been so incredibly restless. I am truly praying for a little relief this week. I can feel myself fading and I can see the stress in my eyes. This week has already been so horrible, and to add in not sleeping is just not ok. Please pray that sleep finds me again.


Sam said...

The toils of day are over;
I lift my heart to Thee
And ask that free from peril
The hours of night may be.
O Jesus, make their darkness light
And guard me through the coming night.

phil said...

sounds like you have lots on your mind when you go to sleep... you need a distraction

Kendra said...

i'll make sure to say a little prayer for you, nicole.

Sam said...

-phil, I think a good distraction for her would be a puppy! Yes? :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for the prayers friends. And I agree Phil. I do need a distraction. Any suggestions? Oh and I would love a puppy. Pretty sure my mom wouldn't be too happy if I brought another dog into this house. lol.

me said...

i hope you've found some ZZZ's friend. if not, there are melatonin supplements that definately help. (melatonin is nat. in the body so this will just help enhance sleeping in a more natural way)

i now feel like a hippie after giving you herbal advice. hah.

heart you friend, hang in there :)
ps...i'm on top of the world right now...just finished for the semester. let's play for 4 weeks, ok?

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