A Little Direction

From the time I started this blog on, it has been such a hodge podge of my thoughts and feelings. I never really took it in a specific direction because I never really had much to share with the world. No, I'm not saying my life was boring, but I really didn't have anything going on that was blog reading material. Like you all really wanted to read about my weekend trips to Bed Bath and Beyond, or my graduate classes.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I finally have something to talk about! I am getting married in a little less than 14 months, and I have decided I need an out lit for ideas, frustrations that go along with wedding planning, and just my pure and utter joy of getting to marry this insanely awesome man. I appreciate any advice or post ideas you all can give me to make the blog worth reading! So, I hope that you all can bare with me as I share with you my journey from being Miss Ecton to Mrs. Kuck. So exciting!


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