Where to say "I Do"

Location was a huge decision we wanted to make early!  Living in Tulsa, there really aren't a ton of places to have a wedding that fit within the budget we have set for ourselves (oh yes... we did set a budget, but I'm sure I'll talk about that in a later wrap up type post).  We wanted to find a place that was romantic and classic.  Early on I had envisioned maybe a beautiful outdoor wedding like this one

Quickly though reality sank in.  Considering we are getting married in Oklahoma in July where the weather is literally in the 100's everyday, an outdoor wedding was just not going to happen.  I just couldn't put our friends and family through the heat.  It was time to consider indoor options.  

Once outdoor had been eliminated, there was no question where I wanted to have the wedding.  A few years ago, I joined an absolutely beautiful church.  After a previous breakup with the person I attended the church with, I stopped going for a little while.  Starting in December/January, I started going again and was so grateful.  It still felt like home and was still the most beautiful building I had ever seen.  Mike had been with me several times as well and he was really excited about having the wedding downtown!  Yay!  We both agreed on a place!  As soon as we agreed this had to be the place we got married, I emailed the bridal coordinator, set up an appointment, and we went in to book our date 2 days later.  Easy, peasy!  

So without further ado, I present to you the place we will become The Kucks!  

Outside of the Church
The Aisle I will walk down with my dad!
Beautiful, isn't it?  I am so excited to get married here!  I cant even imagine what it will look like with our pretty decorations at the alter (not like it needs it), all of our friends and family sitting in the pews or standing beside us, and my future husband waiting for me right there in the middle!  Gives me goodbumps just thinking about it!


phil said...

it will be a beautiful wedding nicole!

Nicole said...

Even if its not, I know it will at least look like it is in the video :) haha

Kendra said...

gives me goosebumps too - it's beautiful!

-Sam I Am- said...

holy gorgeous. you couldn't have picked a better spot!!!

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