Time Flies

Tomorrow is my last day of my first year of teaching! How crazy is that? I was rereading some of my old posts, and a little less than a year ago I was asking the blog world for prayers for my interview. Time seriously has flown by so fast. I wanted to dedicate this post to some of my most memorable moments with my wonderfully unique class:

*My first interaction with a student went something like this:
Boy: "Miss Ecton, can I tell you a secret?"
Me: "Sure" while thinking 'Oh goodness please don't make this be something serious that I have to report on my first day.'
Boy: "I am a vampire. They removed my fangs. Sometimes I miss them."
Me: "Well isn't that cool." while thinking 'Oh dear lord, what did I get myself into?'

*My first throw up
Girl: "Miss Ecton, I think I'm going to be sick"
Me: "Ok, lets just to get you to the bathroom"
Girl: "BLAH!!!" All over my jeans and shoe.

*My First Cursing Situation
Boy: "He cussed at me!"
Me: "What did he say?"
Boy; " He said the S word!"
Me: "Oh goodness! The S word?"
Boy: "Yeah, he told me to (whisper) shut up"
Me: Trying not to giggle "Ok i'll talk to him"

*My favorite make believe story
Boy (same boy from the vampire incident): Miss Ecton, I need to tell you something.
Me: Yes?
Boy: Last night something very strange happened to me.
Me: Really? What happened?
Boy: You know how I told you that Percy Jackson was claimed by the god's in the Lightening Thief?
Me: Yeah, I think I remember that.
Boy: Well last night while i was in the shower, I was claimed by Poseidon.
Me: What does that mean?
Boy: I can control water. I am going to be playing in the sink a lot more often now. I just wanted you to know.
Me: Thanks for telling me.

I'll post more memories later. Just know, I have the most fabulous class a first year teacher could have. Tomorrow is a bittersweet day for me. Love them more than I could have ever imagined, and am so sad to say goodbye!


phil said...

"i am going to be playing in the sink a lot more often"... HAHAHAHAHA brilliant!

can i bring my camera and just let this kid talk for an hour?

-Sam I Am- said...

They will never forget Ms. Ecton!

Kendra said...

oooooh, nice summer-y background!

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