Bowlin Time!

I can now add another reason why I am loving this month!  December 29, Mike and I will be making the trek to San Antonio to attend this....

I am so excited!  OSU is playing Arizona.  While I think that it is kind of crummy we didn't get to go to the Cotton Bowl (I absolutely do not agree with A&M being chosen over us even if they do believe they will get a better draw than we will), I am so excited to spend sometime in San Antonio.  Mike and I bought our tickets last night, so its official!  Just waiting on Holly and Brady to figure out if they can go, and then we are set.  We will be spending New Year's Eve there too, so should be a really great trip! 


-Sam I Am- said...

soooo jealous!!!!
you guys will have so much fun :)
and also, i LOVE the new look!

vintch said...

just found your lovely blog! have a FABULOUS time in san antonio:) sounds like you have quite a trip lined up!

p.s. LOVE the title of your blog. pretty fabulous song!

phil said...

i am jealous of you and your bowl trip! send me pictures!

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