I love those laugh out loud moments!  More than anything, I really enjoy when you read something that makes you laugh out loud.  Whether its a book, a blog post (from Sam of course), a new article, or someones facebook status.  I just love that feeling of being so amused you can't keep it inside.  Anyone read anything that made you literally laugh out loud lately?


-Sam I Am- said...

Ha! When I first saw this I thought, crap... She's laughing at something I did again. What was the last dumb thing I did?? Pahaha.

Then I saw the link and laughed all over again. I miss you :)

Also, yes, I have LOL recently. Today actually and it was reading Conan O' Brian's "If I Were the Sexiest Man Alive" article in People this week. Seriously, rolled on the floor! You must go get it :)

Bonus: Every single male in there is mouth-wateringly beautiful!

You're welcome...

-Sam I Am- said...

I meant Brien*
Worlds worst speller, right here.
Yes, I pay for my education.

phil said...

sams comment and her lack of spelling!

JMay said...

I concur, there is no medicine like laughter :-)

True story...I "lol'd" today at an old episode from Saved by the bell. :-)

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