Happy Birthday!

Today is my future hubby's 28th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mike! 

Today is also exactly 10 months from our wedding date!  Ahh... this is flying by so fast!  we've been engaged for 4 months already?!?!  Doesn't seem possible.  For my own sanity, so that I felt like I was actually on task and could take a breather, I decided to do a little run down of everything we have done and what all we still need to do. So much of this I am going to talk about in future posts too.

Checked off the list:
1. Venue-You all saw our venue search!  Done and done!
2. Dress-Oh yes, I have it and you will definitely be hearing about it soon (sorry though folks... no pictures of my dress will be gracing the blog until after the wedding.  Have to keep something a surprise :) ).
3. Decor
4. Cake!
5. Personal Flowers (all of the bouquets, bouts, corsages, etc.)
6. Photographer
7. Videographer!!!
8. DJ
9.  Groom and groomsmen ties

Still left to do:
1. Save the dates
2. Caterer-even though we have it narrowed down and should be booking VERY soon.
3. Bridesmaid everything
4. All of our paper products (Invitations, Programs, etc)
5. All of the little diy crafts I want to do.
6. Accessories for my dress.
7. Mike's suit
8.  Anything else I can think of that I am totally blanking on now.  

Ok.. well I feel a bit better about backing off wedding stuff for a while now.  We are starting to enter a time when there really isnt a lot left we can do.  Am I forgetting anything on my list? Anyone else feel there's not enough hours in the day to get everything you need to do done? 


Sam said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

out for tea said...

I can't wait to cross off venue on our list!

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