Photo Update

Well since I decided to spruce up my blog a little bit, I thought maybe it was time to give a little photo update of my life recently. THEN I realized that I haven't even uploaded the newest pictures onto my computer yet! Be on the lookout for some more pictures soon, and hopefully an actual update in words, not just pictures! Love you all!

Holly and I enjoying what we thought would be the last warm days of the year. Can you believe its November and still in the 70's?

Mike and I out with friends. Love this picture oh so much.

80's party... And yes I bought that dress at Forever21 and there are people running around wearing it not as a joke. Its sad really.

Lovely roommate, boyfriend, and our friend Craig. That was such an awesome night!

First tailgate of the year! Go Pokes!

Mike and I at the Zoo! It was so hot outside, so we took a break in the Monkey House

Heidi, Holly and I at one of the football games! Love spending time with these girls!

Does everyone know that they do lucha libre (wrestling in Mexico... think Nacho Libre) at Elote once a month? Its pretty comical. Holly and I enjoyed it.

Super tired, but enjoying ourselves none the less.

Holly's 26th Birthday! So much fun!

Oh how I love Jenny Johnson!

Dancing awkwardly with Holly's boyfriend, Brady

Oh how I love this man and the OSU Cowboys! The perfect gameday combination

Best friends and our boyfriends living it up at the fair

Last bite of the Krispy Kreme Burger. Surprisingly tasty. And no we did not eat a whole one. It was split between like 6 people.

Shark Attack!


Valerie said...

i like your sprucing up, and i like your update in pictures! they really do say a thousand words :)

Kendra said...

the picture of you and michael IS really cute. i'm glad i was finally able to meet this man in your life :) i too like the new look! good work.

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