God is So Good!

Well update on my dad... His surgery went really well, the doctor was able to do the triple bypass without any complications at all, and they actually had him up and walking in the halls 24 hours after his surgery was finished.  Relief can not begin to describe how I feel.  I am so beyond overjoyed by how blessed we really are.  We were so close to losing him again and now I feel like he's been given a whole new opportunity.  Granted he is in a whole lot of pain and will be for a few weeks, but that is a small price to pay for the gift he/we have been given.  Its just so wonderful. Thank you to those who prayed for him. I know that made a huge difference!

Another great thing about this weekend was my amazing Valentine's present from Mike.....
The most beautiful orchids ever.  I love them!  One reason why I love them, other than just the fact that they are GORGEOUS, is that they aren't just your typical valentine's day flower.  They are my favorite flower, and he actually listened those many times that I talked about them!  Just knowing that he actually listens and remembers those little things was a present in itself.  We are going to a lovely Valentine's dinner tomorrow night and I am excited to spend this sappy holiday with him, even if it is just a stupid greeting card holiday :) 

Well anyway... Happy weekend to everyone!  I hope everyone has had as blessed of a weekend as I have!


Eva said...

that's wonderful :)


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