Road Tripping!

I can barely contain my excitement right now!  Mike and I have been talking about taking a real vacation for months!  We have talked about going on a cruise, going someplace warm in general,  blowing the budget and going to New York (ok really it was just me talking about going there, but a girl can dream right?).  Well, we FINALLY made a decision!  The boyfriend and I will be road tripping to this beautiful city........

Oh yes!  You are right!  That is CHICAGO!  I have always wanted to visit and now I get to spend Memorial Day weekend 2011 there!  The plan is to leave Wednesday evening the 25th (after work and all of that good stuff) and make it part way there before stopping.  Then we will finish the drive on the 26th and check in to our fancy hotel.....
before running around the city!  We will spend Thursday through Monday exploring and taking in the sights and then come back home to Oklahoma on Tuesday.  The hotel was really inexpensive and still not scuzzy, and driving was just a cheaper option for us.  Even with the amount we will pay to park and on gas, we'll still be coming in almost 300 less than if we had booked a flight.  No worries, though.  I get email updates from Southwest now, so if a killer flight deal comes up, I will take advantage. 

So there you go.  My exciting vacation plans!  I am definitely up for any Chicago advice anyone can give me (Kendra I know you have to have some!  You love this place).  So please, if you know of good restaurants we should eat at, sights we should see, or other random knowledge you can bestow on me, please do!  I am all ears!  Anyone else have any fun vacation plans coming up?


Kendra said...

I DO love Chicago! What a fun adventure you have to look forward to - how exciting.

Must see:
Sears Tower
Magnificent Mile (lots of shopping)
Navy Pier
Cloud Gate ("the bean")

And when Val and I went in college we spent a whole day relaxing in Millennium Park (also where you can see "the bean"), which was one of my favorite days there.

If you guys like museums, the Art Institute of Chicago was great.

For food, any pizza place will do :) We'll see if you are a Chicago pizza fan or a New York pizza fan!

-Sam I Am- said...

you are going to have so much fun!!

chicago is on my list of places to go :)

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