Preparing for a Long Road

On May 6, it will have been 2 years since my dad had his heart attack.  It was a serious heart attack that almost killed him.  We were terrified and so grateful that he is still with us.  Well last night, my dad had another heart attack.  After a night in the hospital and a trip to the cath lab to have a less invasive surgery, it was determined that my dad needs to have bypass surgery in order to recover from this one. The surgery is going to happen on Monday, February 14 and he has to stay in the hospital until then.  It will take him approximately 5 days to recover enough to be able to go home, which is absolutely driving him nuts.  Hopefully though, after the surgery, he will have much less heart problems and he will also be able to go off of some of the medications he is currently on for his heart.  Even though the benefits could be really great, we are still really scared about the surgery.  It is open heart surgery, and there are some serious risks, especially since he is diabetic. 

Anyway, most of you know how close I am to my dad, so obviously this has been really hard for me to deal with.  I am trying to stay upbeat and just have faith that everything will be ok and this will hopefully keep him with us even longer.  I just ask that everyone please pray for him.  Please also pray for my mom.  She is trying to be strong, but I know that she is barely keeping it together.  Honestly, I'm not really up for talking about it, so I'm sorry for not letting people know or messaging people after this.  I'll update everyone on how the surgery goes after Monday.  I hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe in this crazy weather. 


-Sam I Am- said...

praying for you and your family friend.. it will all be ok.
love you.

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