4th of July

This 4th of July holiday was a pretty great weekend. It was one of those weekends where there is an event every night and everything is pretty planned out in advance. While I love my free time, I love these weekends sometimes too. Its just nice to not have to plan anything and go with the flow.

Thursday night, Ethan and I watched the Owasso fireworks show from his mom's house. She had a great party with lots of people and some really great food. The fireworks left much to be desired, but it was a great time with friends and family. I absolutely love his mom's house. I'm not sure what it is, but it just makes me feel so comfortable and at home. Here is a picture of Ethan and I before the fireworks started. If you look carefully, you can see Kendra and Ryan taking the same posed picture we are. Oh how I love couple shots :)

Luckily Adam, Phil, Kendra and Ryan were able to come and watch the fireworks with us. Its always more fun when friends are there. I completely caught them off guard with this picture. Its live action.

Friday night, Ethan, Adam, Ryan, Kendra, Ashley and I met at El Guapo for dinner. While I'm not huge on mexican food in general, they have some pretty killer cheese nachos that I love. We sat on the top floor roof, which has a great view. It was pretty warm, but by that point the wind was starting to blow a bit more and it felt really nice. Ashley, Kendra, and I tried to take this picture about a million times. Each time one of us was making some goofy face (usually on purpose).
After El Guapo, we went to McNellie's where Jesse, Kirstie, Zaelin Carol, Carol's boyfriend, Aaron, and Rachel met us. It was great to play darts and just relax with friends. Here's Jesse, Kirstie and Ethan. The camera was accidently set to Aquarium mode which took some pretty interesting pictures.
I tried to get in on the picture here :)
Saturday, we spent the day at the Gibsons shooting off fireworks and eating entirely too much. Jesse's house has pretty much become a tradition among our friends for the 4th. His dad is a pretty awesome cook and there is always some wonderful food. You can always count on all of his cousins and family member being out there, too. Sadly this year I dropped the ball and didn't take very many pictures. I don't think a single one actually turned out ok, which is just very sad. I did get some fabulous video of a thunderstorm that moved in right after we finished shooting the fireworks though.

Sunday was Adam and Kirstie's engagement party. Their mom catered in Olive Garden and it gave us one last chance to see everyone before the weekend ended. Here's a picture of Ethan and I on the back patio. Take a look at the Mikles' backyard by the way. It is picturesque.

Well there you have it. I wish I could share all of the great things about this weekend, but there would be too much to name. I hope everyone else had a fabulous holiday as well!


Sam said...

Loved looking at the pics and reading there stories!

See you tonight :) -- it's good to be back!

phil said...

such a good weekend it was!

Kendra said...

you're back! i'm glad to see the updates (and the first picture is hilarious). had a fun weekend

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