I am sorry for my incredibly vague post yesterday. Thank you everyone that reads this and did all of those things for me. I greatly appreciate it. Now I guess it is time to explain.

On Monday, I had an interview for a teaching position at the school district I desperately have wanted to work at. I was so nervous, I can't even begin to describe how I felt walking into that school. I was 20 minutes early, not because I meant to be that early but because I was so scared of being late that I left at an insane time to get there. I waited on the Principal and Asst. Principal to get everything ready and then went in. They asked me a lot of questions. In all honesty, I am not sure I can remember a single one. My adrenaline was pumping and I was literally shaking the whole time. The worst thing is when I get nervous, I talk with my hands way more than normal. I don't think I said a single thing without hand motions. At the end of the interview, I walked out and got in my car almost in tears because I was convinced I had just bombed the whole thing. They had interviews scheduled through Wednesday evening, so I knew I wouldn't hear anything for the next couple of days.

Fast forward to Wednesday... I was driving to meet some friends for dinner when the principal called me. Essentially, she wanted to ask me a few more questions and make sure that I would be interested in the grade levels they had available. A good sign for sure. She said she would call me today with more information.

Well.. She called me today and told me that she is officially going to recommend me to the school board for the position. I will have to go through a final interview and background check, but as long as they approve me, I will officially have a teaching job! I am so beyond excited. I feel like I want to pinch myself to see if its real. For all that know me, I have been in a state of panic over jobs since May. It feels like such a relief to know that someone wants me to work at their school and that I will have my own classroom! YAY! Anyway... Just keep praying for me that the school board approves me.


phil said...

OMG! nicole im so happy for you. your good news makes my day! though im curious if it is in owasso or the union district. either way congrats. you deserve this!

Sam said...

I have missed you this week!
I am so beyond proud of you :) I KNEW you could do it. And no matter what, you will find your place :) love you!

Kendra said...

this is such wonderful news, nicole. congratulations on rocking that interview!

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