The Punky Species

I thoroughly believe after today that there is a thing called too much sugar.

Sara, Katie, and I made cupcakes and played lots of Wii MarioKart today. They devoured a few cupcakes before I successfully cut them off. As you can imagine, they got incredibly loud just like all kids that eat too many sweets do. Sara decided somewhere during the afternoon that she was going to change her name. We were from then on required to call her Punky. As the afternoon went on, her story evolved. By the end of the afternoon, she had created her own race of people: The Punky Species. She and 2 other "punkies" live in the United States: Punky Jr. from Vermont and Punky Peroxide, a blond from Georgia. There are 30 other Punkies in Asia and 18 in India.

Such a huge imagination in such a tiny little person. Its truly awesome!


Sam said...

I wish I still had that kind of imagination and that carefree attitude towards life! :)

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